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Saturday, 17 January 2015

New Year = New Opportunities

The New Year has arrived, and although we can't be sure what's in store as life is unpredictable, I still think it's extremely important to make plans.  Planning helps you focus on your long-term goals and it gives you something to work towards.

By this time next year, what would you like to have achieved?  

The problem with making plans for people like me, is that I expect to do EVERYTHING in one year!  The truth is, the saying 'the sky's the limit' is not exactly true in the sapce of a year, well at least not for me.  Sometimes my expectations are too high and when I don't meet my goals, I just feel down, so I guess my point is, that when making plans, don't set yourself up for a fall and remember what the most important things in life are to you.  

For me this is simple as my family is the most important thing in the world.  My husband is ill and his health is a priority.  With that in mind, we have to stick to a healthy diet, and I need to continue to work from home so that I can support and care for my family.   

What are the most important things in your life? 

Although we all have our commitments and responsibilities, I believe everyone still needs their own plans for themselves too, so the question is, what do I want for me?  There are plenty of things I want, but due to current situations it isn't possible, however I am amazed with the opportunities that have came my way already.  
So what are my personal 'realistic' goal for this year? 

I am currently studying a Masters Degree on a part time basis in English Studies.  This is a personal goal for me as I love to study and want to push myself as far as possible.  For my BA (hons) in English and Creative Writing, I scored a 2:1, and my goal for the MA is to maintain this standard.  So I am going to take time to study and do as well at this degree as I possibly can.  Hopefully, if I do well,  I could look at doing a PHd.  

Another personal goal of mine is to create a new website - and I have started this today.  I want to create interesting blog posts and write articles and reviews.  

Finally, I want to create writing work fit for publishing.  I have recently been appointed as Team Leader of a Copywriting Team for a new, up and coming publishing house so I hope to be successful in my work and create work suitable for publishing.  I would also like to start writing academic papers too.  

I do really want to expand my business as I work as a self-employed tutor but I think this will have to wait for the future... - Maybe 2016 will be the year I focus more on my career plans.    

What are your plans for 2015?  Are you like me, and struggle to keep your plans realistic?  

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