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About Me

I am a 31 year old woman from North East England.  At the moment I am studying an MA in English Studies on a part time basis, after graduating last year with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing.  I am a freelance writer, keen blogger, and work as a tutor/assessor.  I am the Team Leader of a Copywriting team for a University Press on a voluntary basis.  I am married with three children aged 10, 8 and 3.

I take everything in my stride but I am passionate about writing and I want to pursue a career that utilises my creative and writing talents.  I am very motivated and business minded, and I do everything I can to ensure success.  I am a published writer, and I currently have publications in the pipeline.  Check out my website to learn even more about me:

I completed an interview recently for another blog, you should certainly check this out for more info on me:

I am a literary nerd and I am interested in Irish and Celtic Folklore.  I am a fan of Lord Dunsany, Yates, Wilde, Stoker, Le Fanu just to name a few.  I love fairy tales and the gothic genre, and I am currently considering dissertation topic ideas based on these areas.  I also read fantasy, crime, and sci-fi novels too!

What am I reading at the moment?
I have just finished the third book in the Game of Thrones series A Storm of Swords: 1. Steel and Snow.  I am now beginning to read several shorter novels for the Victorian Gothic module for my English MA.  This includes Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, She, A Picture of Dorian Gray, Hound of the Baskervilles, Frankenstein, Carmilla, and Dracula.  Along with short story, The Werewolf.  I have read some of these before but need a refresher.   Hopefully I will get them read in time for term in October.

What am I watching at the moment? 
The TV is not something I am watching a lot of at the moment.  I do watch a couple of films and documentaries but I tend to choose them day by day.  My husband tends to watch Ghost Hunters, Ghost Asylum, Haunted Highway but I like a lot of fantasy and sci-fi series too.  At the moment I have the first episode of season 2 of The Strain to watch - I'm excited that this has begun again.  The other program I am watching is Dominion.  I also have the third part in the series of Sherlock recorded but haven't watched it yet.  Most the programs I watch have finished so I'm thin on the ground with the TV.  I wanted to watch Zoo but the OH seems to have taken control of the TV since I started blogging and I forgot to record!

What writing/projects am I working on at the moment?
Well, I'm going to be honest, things are quiet at the moment but this is due to the summer holiday season and is of my own doing.  I have been working on a ghost story for publication and this is due in early September.  I was thinking of doing a collection of writing about Witches with Halloween on the horizon.  Hopefully, I will become inspired and opportunities will come my way.  I have been spending most of my time applying for jobs that will utilise my creative writing skills - jobs are few and far between and competition is hard.  A lot of them ask for more experience than what I have but I keep applying - we all need to start somewhere!  

I completed a post on August 31st, The Love/Hate Challenge that I was nominated for and you can read that to find out about what I love and what I hate! 

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