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Friday, 17 April 2015

My Exciting Easter

OK, so I did plan to have something to write about this week, in fact, I was going to do a post on politics but life got in the way this Easter.  My son went on a youth group outing.  He climbed on some high rocks, lost his footing, and landed on the floor hurting his foot.  

I'll be honest, being such a sympathetic mother, I thought he was exaggerating when kept moaning about it as he had walked quite a distance after the accident.  I mean he climbs and darts everywhere, and he always has some injury or another. 

Mind you, this is the son who took a bike on the trampoline at the age of three and fell off, scraping inside of his mouth and splitting that bit of skin that joins your gum to your lip.  Just before his fourth birthday he ran with a wheeled cart toy at nursery, crashed into a wall and forced his thumb into some hole or other that wasn't meant for thumbs.  After ripping it out on instinct, he was hysterical and he had to go to hospital.  He had done that much damaged that he had to have plastic surgery and the nail bed had to be rebuilt.  I actually had to sign a form to agree to amputation up to the thumb knuckle if they couldn't repair it.  Luckily all turned out well!  

Anyway, after a visit to my local emergency clinic, several hours later, the Xray showed that he had in fact broken his fourth metatarsal bone, caused by the impact of the land.  The staff were really helpful in our centre and we had to go to hospital the following day to get a cast on.  Has your child ever had an accident, and if so, what did you think of the health care you received?  

Of course, he's still went back to school this week, eager to show off his blue pot - I had to sign forms to accept liability in case he became injured further.  There are so many formalities in the world today!  

Yes, so I have a seven year old boy, tearing up the house on crutches with a pot on.  Oh, and don't forget the three year old that wants to pretend the crutches are blasters, or hops around saying he too, has a broken foot!     

So, the Easter half term was more about broken bones and crutches here for us, and less about chocolate this year.  

How did your Easter go this year?

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