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Monday, 6 July 2015

My Favourite Crime TV Drama/shows

Hello dear readers,

The sun is shining here in North East England and it always makes me smile.  I'm off work this week but today will be my only day of fun, as I am on leave on purpose so that I can get cracking on two MA assignments that are due in a couple of weeks.  I'm off out soon the the City of Durham for a bit of shopping and lunch with the hubby.  Durham is a fantastic place and although it's a city, it's strange, I always feel like I'm in the country side.  The landscape and architecture of the castle and cathedral is magnificent from the riverside, and very gothic in the evening.  However, I am not really supposed to be posting on my love of Durham today, today is about my favourite crime TV.

I could go on forever with crime but here are five of my favourites:

I used to like CSI but I must admit, I seem to have gone off them as of late.  I do however, love Criminal Minds in which they profile the killer.  I find it intriguing how they can put people into a category by looking at behaviour patterns.

OK, so as I am a fan of the whodunit style of crime, I really enjoyed both series of Broadchurch.  I love the way it has a main story and different suspects are interviewed but there is also a back story going on week-by-week to keep you interested.

Trial and Retribution is another series that I have enjoyed but to be honest I can't remember exactly what happened in the last series that I seen as there are so many they all seem to mesh together.  I think the whole process of tracking down a killer is really interesting but again, I think it's possibly the back story here that keeps people interested.

I don't know if anyone seen Safe House a couple of months ago.  It was just a three part drama and I found this particularly interesting.  Even though I did make a successful guess of what was going on - why the boy was being kidnapped!  It was still exciting and the fact it flashed back to a crime that had happened previously was a great unravelling back story.

Vera - OK, I feel like this one is a bit of a light-hearted crime drama if that is possible.  It's a bit like Inspector Morse in a way but a bit more modern and it's based in the North East, so I totally got the craic and banter that was going on in the background.  There are several pit villages in the North East of England, and I particularly enjoyed the cold-case she looked into after an older body is found in the woods, which results in Vera investigating corruption within the force and arresting an old friend.

Hope you enjoyed reading this short post today.  Don't forget to check out the first part of my four part story posted yesterday - Sordid Secret - Part 1  #linky #anythinggoes

Laters, Janet

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