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Friday, 3 July 2015

Why I love Crime Fiction?

OK, so I promised a post today about why I love Crime Fiction.  It's only going to be a short one but I can confidently say that I do love Crime Fiction and  I love writing in this genre too.  I really like the whodunit type of story and I tend it read a lot of James Patterson and Ian Rankin.  I also love Thomas Harris' Silence of the Lambs too - but why - why do I love Crime Fiction so much?

Well for me it's easy to point out!  Is it wrong to say I love a good fictional murder?  It entertains me.  I suppose murders happen in real life and I like to know why a person would kill another - what's their motive? and I also love solving the puzzle of who committed the crime.

I love guessing who the murderer is in the whodunit type novels and I am pretty good at this now.  I find I can spot the red herring a mile off - not all of the time but most.  In the style of reading about serial killers like in Silence of the Lambs I find the mind of a serial killer interesting and find myself favouring the character of Hannibal - he does only murder people who deserve it after all!  Whether this is right or wrong is another matter - I just feel Harris writes in a way that evokes sympathy.

Crime fiction keeps you on the edge of your seat - it keeps you guessing, and thinking, always trying to solve the murder and mystery.  I also find it interesting to watch what the detective does to catch the murderer.  I think it is reflective to some of life and it's interesting to see all of the efforts that have to of into solving just one case.

I also like the psychological aspect too - what goes on in the mind of the killer?

Tell me, do you like crime fiction?  What's your favourite author/TV show?  What do you like/not like about it?

Come on, readers, share your thoughts!

Laters, Janet

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