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Friday, 2 October 2015

Funny Family Friday - Week 5 - (lost) Dog Day!

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I've decided to talk about the day Charlie, our much loved family pet who went missing for one day, almost four years ago.  He is a very important part of our family, and deserves his spot on #funnyfamilyfriday even though the event wasn't funny at the time! 

The day arrived and my new drawers arrived for my bedroom, and I decided to have a furniture shuffle.  I moved the bed in front of the feature wall that had just been wallpapered and the bed was a king-size so it took a while to move it and it had to be moved in sections and then the wood had to be laid and screwed in across the bed. I left the under-the-bed drawers on top of the bed so I could put in some of my month old baby's clothes in sorting out what I needed for him.  About 5pm, we moved the old drawers outside and put the new drawers up.  We had been up and down all day, and finally I was ready to put the four drawers back into my bed, and make the bed.  

I cooked our dinner and then about six O'clock I shouted the dog, and he didn't come.  I checked the back garden and shouted him, but he didn't come.  I asked my husband when he had last seen Charlie 'about half 4' he said.  A feeling of dread came over me, I looked in the front garden and the gates were shut - but still no Charlie.  

'He must have gotten out when we put the drawers outside!' I told my husband.  We searched every room and at the time, my husband was driving so he went out, in the dark to look for him.  Charlie was a loyal dog - but he was only 6 months old, still a pup, with no road sense! 

I posted pictures of him on Facebook, sent text messages to all my family and friends.  A few neighbours even had a look around the neighbourhood.  I phoned the police, the dog warden, and the RSPCA as instructed by the police.  I didn't know what else to do!

The children went to bed upset and I couldn't sleep, I was tossing and turning.  

The next day, the kids were heart-broken that we hadn't found our beloved pet and we went out looking.  My baby boy was sick and soaked his sleep suit, so about 11am I went upstairs and opened one of the drawers under my bed and grabbed some baby socks.  As I closed the drawer, I heard a faint whimper.  I pulled out the drawer and looked under the bed, and out ran Charlie.  I scooped him up and ran down stairs, squealing. 'I've found Charlie!' he was so excited but desperate for the toilet.  We let him outside.

He had been under the bed the whole time, without making a sound!  We had spent all day decorating and putting up furniture and he hadn't murmured, and he hadn't had an accident either - but he had managed to get some baby socks and a vest out of the drawer to snuggle into.  He had even made a sound when we had slept on the bed overnight!  

We made him a big drink, and checked him over.  He was absolutely fine and must have gone under the bed when the drawers were out and stayed under when we put the drawers in.  He's only a tiny dog and we hadn't noticed as the bed was so big and he was in the middle.  I was so relieved, but felt so guilty for him being under the bed for such a long period of time.  But I am so pleased he was OK.
Our Charlie <3 

I didn't go public with what had happened as I was embarrassed.  I told close family and friends, but other than that, all I said is we now have Charlie back.  One person asked how I got him back, but I just said he turned up back at the house.  I wasn't totally lying - but there was no way I could admit the real story!  

The thing about our much loved family pet is that he is no bother at all and he likes to sleep.  With it being dark he must have assumed it was night time - but he never barked, whimpered or scampered around or made a noise, as we would have heard him.  I'm just so pleased we found him - and totally embarrassed that I caused a full-scale search, and concern for family and friends.  

Moral of the story: To save trauma, if you lose a pet - make sure you check EVERYWHERE - any open space that they could possibly fit into to!  

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Laters, Janet 

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