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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mummy = Super-hero - for this week at least!

Dear readers

I didn't post a book review yesterday as I haven't finished my book as I have been too busy being a Super-hero all week! So today, I thought I would post a personal post as this week has been an interesting so far.

Firstly, I had my Journalism course and I also started a 'developing your research project' last week too.  This week I thought I would add even more pressure and start a Corpus Linguistics course - but why? Do I just like stressing myself out? Not really!  I just love studying and I was interested in Corpus but didn't get chance to study.  This week's lecture and activities were fantastic - but I could have done without the extra studying.  My Journalism finishes in two weeks but I start back at Uni then too!

*note to self - MUST GET READING DONE!

Whilst we are on the topic of Uni, I got my MA grades back for last semester and I was pleasantly surprised because I got a first class mark for my Creative Writing piece and critical essay - well the MA is graded differently so I got a distinction grade but if it had been in my BA, I would have scored a first.  I was just a couple of marks off scoring the same for my literature but I ended up with a high 2:1 (merit) grade - overall I am 1% of a first/distinction grade.  If you consider that I am a level higher than BA level - I am making significant improvements and this really gave me confidence.  Even with the barriers in my life - I have still done well, but I still don't believe it.

I studied the Irish Literature and the Supernatural, and I totally connected with the subject.  My literature essay looked at post colonialism represented in Le Fanu's Carmilla, and I talked about the Anglo-Irish, and their social anxiety fears of belonging as they thought of themselves as Englishmen living in Ireland yet to the Catholic Irish, they were not Irish, and to the English, they were Irish.  as

For my creative writing assignment I wrote a fantasy piece, based on a young girls journey of her heritage and destiny - I'm not going to discuss this one any further as it was chapter 4 of a novel I am writing, and intend to complete.  So SSSSHHHHH!!!

When I read my grades, I could have cried with joy because this is better than I ever imagined! 

My husband is still unwell and we don't seem to be getting anywhere with the doctors' as they keep eliminating things around the problem until his course of anti-biotic are complete.  Which is a pain as the children have had activities on everyday so I am running around, here-there-and-everywhere at the moment.  I have also had to go dance-shoe shopping, and also buy a leotard.

To top it off - tomorrow we have cake shopping, tap shoe collection, swimming lessons for my youngest, then half an hour later sees football training for my middle child and tap dancing for the eldest!

In all honesty, I don't expect to post tomorrow but I am hoping to host a linky on Friday.  This one is a funny family story but it involves our pet dog, Charlie! 

Hopefully, after Friday things will have begun to calm down and I can get back on track as I wanted to start offering my English Tuition services again as they have taken a back seat for a few months and I quite enjoy them - but for now, back to my book, Ryder Haggard's She.

Wish me luck!

Kind regards


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