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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday Summary 27/09/2015

Dear Readers,

My Sunday Summary this week will be fairly short and sweet (and late, sorry about that).  As I explained on Friday things didn't exactly go as planned this week.  On the plus side, personally, I have been a MacMillan coffee morning, and I took the children to their swimming lessons and they have been moved up to the next stage already - all good news, we are getting there guys!  

What did I post this week? 
Well, Monday was motivation Monday, and I lost - woohoo!  I don't have high expectations for this week but we will see what tomorrow brings.  I posted a book review of Jekyll and Hyde, and Wednesday was five steps to a relaxing bath which you might have found interesting.  On Thursday I talked about a personal experience of afternoon tea - but on Saturday I posted about my own home-made afternoon tea that I had made.  I didn't post a Funny Family Friday linky this week, but I did post discussing why I hadn't and how things don't always go to plan.  Hope this week, despite being my 'rough' week made an interesting read.

So, what did I like/dislike and why? 
I enjoyed having a vent on Friday about why things hadn't gone to plan - who doesn't like a good moan now and then?  I don't think I had time to enjoy a lot of my posts this week, but I did enjoy reviewing Jekyll and Hyde as it was a great read, and I also liked posting about my home-made afternoon tea.  

What to look out for next week! 
I do have some plans for during the week, but I am going to leave it open for now as it depends on my circumstances as I haven't had time to read the book I was reading or do the online courses I was doing so this week is going to be my catch up week! 

Thanks for reading my Sunday Summary, if you would like to advertise your blog, guest post for me, or if there are any topics you would like to see me discuss in a blog post, please email me at

I would love your input!  

Laters, Janet 

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