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Monday, 21 September 2015

Motivation Monday - Week 3

Hi readers,

Hope you are well.  Welcome to week 3 of Motivation Monday and thank you for following me on my weight loss journey.  

Weekly summary
Last week I posted about having a tough week, but I have been much more focussed this week and was hopeful for weight loss to occur - anything would do as long as it was a loss.  I couldn't forget the feeling of disappointment all week, when I hadn't lost weight and I think posting my journey is helping as I certainly didn't want to post another post this week stating failure - because that's how I feel when I don't lose, and it's an emotional roller coaster.  I got thinking, is a slip up, really failure - well for me it was because I know I didn't do what I could to ensure a loss but it was a learning curve.  Knowing that all my hard work the week before was crushed by one bad week was crushing, and the fact I knew I had to post the truth was even worse - I felt embarrassed.  Hopefully this has taught me that I must do better every week as if I had lost last week and I hadn't really put any effort in might have made me not put the effort in every week - but now I know I have to and if I don't I have to come on here and admit it! 

I did indulge a little yesterday as I made an afternoon tea as our evening meal so I had made cakes, sausage rolls, quiche, salad, a selection of sandwiches, flapjacks, and some cheese scones.  I suppose that really, everything was homemade and sugar and fat content was controlled - but I tried not to be greedy - I drank a glass of water before I ate, ate slowly, and stopped when I felt full.  I did have a taste of most things, but I limited my portion size.  

Overall, this week I have noticed a difference in my stomach area.  Last week I felt bloated, but this week I looked in the mirror and thought 'wow, I do look a little trimmer!'  That doesn't mean that I don't have a lot of work to do.  Even though I slipped up last week, I have still maintained exercise - walking, swimming, and gym, and even though I didn't do as much, I still did some so I suppose that is a bonus.  I do feel more positive this week, and when you don't succeed you certainly shouldn't dwell on it, you just have to dust yourself off and try again.  

This week, I have been to the Gym three times.  I went swimming the twice but the swimming is making me stronger as I swim constantly now for 25 minutes without resting.  Again, I have still walked everywhere and my boys started football on a Monday and Friday, so I now walk there and back which is an extra 30 minute walk to add to my day.  I feel like my fitness levels are increasing and it's a great feeling.  

Diet Example
This week I want to tackle the issue of eating out, because I don't know about you but I still want to enjoy myself on occasion.  On Wednesday I went out shopping with my Mum, niece, and family friend to a retail park.  We ended up in a cafe that specialises in Jacket Potatoes but I didn't want plain or beans, and the only other fillings had a lot of sauce/mayo or cheddar cheese.  I looked at other options and they did something called toppers, and this is chopped up potato, topped with something.  There was an option for rocket, with a sprinkling of mozzarella, and a drizzle of pesto (there was also an option to add toasted pine nuts).  I really fancied this, so I tried it.  I am not a huge fan of rocket, but it was fresh and a drizzle of pesto and sprinkling of mozzarella really made it tasty.  

I guess what I am trying to say here is - my choice wasn't perfect, but I did think about my choice.  With the topper, I got less potato, so my portion size overall was smaller.  Mozzarella is slightly better for you and it was only a small amount - the pesto wasn't ideal, but it wasn't overpowering so I would guess that there was approximately a flat tablespoon drizzled - if that!  Just make a choice that works for you - everyone deserves a treat now and then, but after my slip previously, I would be careful not to give yourself to many as I did.  

My five weekly Motivation Monday questions

1# How much do I weigh today?  15stone 3lb - which means I have lost the 4lb I put back on last week, yipee!

2# How do I feel about that? I am pleased but I am determined to keep up the good work.  I might have lost more if I hadn't made an afternoon tea yesterday and indulged in a few small cakes/pastries.  Other than that I have been good all week but surprised I lost 4 as only expected maybe 1 or 2lb.

3# What kept me motivated all week?  The thought of how bad I felt the previous week.  

4# What is my aim for this week?  I would like to lost again, maybe 2-3lb, and I want to keep up at three gym visits and 2 adult swims.  

5# What did I find easy/difficult?  I found yesterday difficult as I made a home-made afternoon tea and I wanted to indulge but I felt guilty - last week guilt, anger, and generally emotional - this is certainly an emotional roller coaster. 

My weekly Motivation Monday Tip
Think about how good it feels to lose a bit of weight, and also how much better it makes you feel! 

Words of wisdom! 
Don't be afraid to eat out or indulge a little as a treat but remember not to go overboard - make better choices and think about what food you are choosing.  

Thanks for reading - and feel free to comment and help me stay motivated this week I appreciate you reading and hope to have good news for the following weeks - but hey, we are only human and weight loss can be tedious! 

Laters, Janet

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