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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Healthy Start in September for me and Motivation Mondays intro!

Today, I wanted to post about my new healthy regime.  To be honest I'm not sure how long it will last, but hopefully, for the foreseeable future.  Usually, once I get motivated and get something into my head, I am committed to the task as that's just my nature - I am determined.  I know if I post about my success or troubles on my blog, it will increase my motivation, so bare with my posts - hope it's not too tedious! 

So what's the problem - why this new regime?

Well I know I am certainly not the only person in the world to feel like this but it's my weight, I'm not happy with it.  It's getting me down and now it's time to take action. 

After I had my second child I lost all of my pregnancy weight and managed to slim down to a size ten, yet I was still around the 10 stone mark.   Weight isn't a huge issue for me it's the health factor I'm more concerned with at the moment.  I joined the gym a few weeks ago as I got a good deal (which I'll talk about at the minute) but when I was weighed I was 15 stone 8 pounds and I could have cried with embarrassment.  I'm not stating for a second that I want to be a size ten again because I don't have a size goal in mind, I just want to feel better, more energetic, and be able to look in the mirror again and think, yes, that dress DOES suit me, today I look smart as most of the time I look and think wtf.  

I look at the health problems my husband has, my husband and children need ME to be healthy and well because what happens if I become unwell?  I want to do what I can to stay in shape and be the best parent possible.  Eating healthy all of the time and exercising around work, children, Uni, and caring for my husband when he is ill, as well as making time for friends isn't always easy to schedule in, yet it's so important.  Over the Summer holidays, we have all indulged and I am worried for my children too as I don't want them to become obese, as they are already sturdily built and it's my responsibility to ensure that they are fit and healthy,  

So what's the plan?

I am going to post weekly updates on my blog called 'Motivation Mondays' and this is the day I am going to weigh myself - hopefully it will be good news each week haha, but if you are in the same position as me you should join me and keep me informed each week - we can be fit buddies! 

OK, so I am making time to improve my health no matter what!  I got a fantastic deal at the gym - unlimited use of the gym, sauna and health suite, swimming pools, and exercise classes (I can now go to any of these free and have no excuse not to).  I currently don't have a car so I walk daily anyway.  

So, my plan is Tuesday and Thursday evening swimming with my sister.  I already began this a few weeks ago.  I also plan to swim on a Monday morning.  Then hopefully, I will get to the gym each weekday.  I might even take on two exercises classes if I can as I quite like the bums and tums, ab blast, and aqua aerobics but once I'm at Uni and it's assessment marking time at work I might not be able to fit these in religiously.  I think the main thing is to do what I can without pushing myself too hard, as I might get fed up too quickly and give up - I don't want this.  

I have also signed my OH to the gym, just so he pays session by session.  He will need me to go with him, due to his illness and will get guidance from the instructors on what he should or should not be doing and even if he just goes along once per week, it's a step in the right direction for him too.  

I am also signing the children up for swimming classes too, as they all need to learn how to swim properly and gain more confidence in water.  My middle child also fancies karate (but one step at a time I think as all three children need teaching how to ride their bikes too).  

We are going to take control as a family and improve our health and fitness!  

Have you ever been unhappy with your own health and fitness?  Have you done anything about it?  Like me, do you find it difficult?  

I would love to hear your view points on this topic, guys, come on!

Laters, Janet :)

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