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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sunday Summary

Dear readers,

I hope you have enjoyed the posts this week.  I feel like it's been a little bit of a hickelty-pickelty week here, and I am hoping that readers found this entertaining.  

What did I post this week? 
Monday's post finally came and I posted on my love/hate challenge nomination from early July.  Tuesday saw two posts - which is a rarity, but one was information on my new health and fitness regime with an introduction to my Motivation Mondays posts, and another was a GOT book review.  Wednesday's 'How To' post topic concentrated on getting back into the school routine, with Thursday discussing a birthday party dilemma.  Friday was a linky day for my new linking try out of Funny Family Friday, and of course yesterday's post was about The Strain.  

On Saturday, I guest posted on My Random Musings.  The topic I covered here was sex after childbirth, which I give an opinionated post and advice from my point of view (but I am by no means an expert or claim to be).  I must admit being asked to do this post was a little daunting but I enjoyed posting about something I could relate to and something that isn't exactly on everyone's conversation list.  If I could just put one person's mind at rest by posting this, then I have done my job well here!  You can read this post by clicking here.

So, what did I like/dislike and why? 
Overall, I think my favourite post was the linky, as I love to try out something new and I always have a funny story to tell.  I was so pleased that some people have linked up and I am certainly looking forward to making them a regular Friday thing, well at least for a while.  There is still time to link up if you haven't already! 

My least favourite post was probably about my health and fitness regime and Motivation Mondays, and this is because I prefer to do posts that don't relate directly to me.  

What to look out for next week! 
Next week's post begins with Motivation Mondays, and includes a book review of the Hound of the Baskerville's.  I also plan to do a post about giving yourself a facial in six easy steps, and don't forget my Funny Family Friday funny story and link up to! 

Thanks for reading my Sunday Summary, and I hope you are excited for next weeks post.  If you would like to advertise your blog, guest post for me, or if there are any topics you would like to see me discuss in a blog post, please email me at

Laters, Janet 

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