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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Five Steps to a Relaxing Bath (even if you have kids)

My dear readers,

Relaxing is important - but if your anything like me you won't get much time to do this... 

Between work, children, keeping a house, and studying, relaxing doesn't score highly on my list of priorities.  

I started doing the self care posts during September, as a result of my holiday in August.  I visited the Spa, and it dawned on my how important it is to care for yourself.  I am also losing weight so caring for myself and body is important to me.  

I now dedicate an hour on a Sunday evening for a long relaxing bath - last week I talked about my foot care regime which follows my bath, and the week before that I talked about a facial - which I now reward myself with on a weekly basis all in this hour in which I also have a relaxing bath (whilst I complete the first part of my facial up to the facial scrub).  

So, now back to this weeks topic: A Relaxing Bath.  Here are my five steps to making the bath as relaxing as possible.

  1. Choose a time that suits all, when you are less likely to be disturbed.  Explain to anyone who is up, that you are going in the bath and you don't want to be interrupted.  
  2. Lock the door - ask if anyone needs the toiler (if you only have one) and ensure you are locked in or have absolutely no chance of being disturbed.  You set the rules here so don't be shy!
  3. Have some bubble bath or bath bomb and run a nice, hot, steamy, bath. 
  4. Have a Yankee candle, or incense sticks - or both - decorate the bathroom to your taste with music if you wish..
  5. Choose a book or magazine, and have a towel by your bath so you can dry your hands easily.  I find reading a chapter in a nice hot bubble bath is very relaxing and it takes your mind off everyday life.  
This list of tips may seem simplistic, but  it's easy to forget to do at least one of these things if you are not in the habit of doing them.  It's taken a while for me to get it into my head and my hot relaxing bath soothes my back, and also provides me with the opportunity to soak my feet - so both the facial and the foot care can be done during the time (and just after) the bath, so you can make all three part of your self care routine.  

Next week, I talk through a ten minute manicure and this is the final part of my self care post series!

Don't forget to take care of yourself this coming week, laters, Janet :) 

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