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Monday, 7 September 2015

Motivation Monday

Hi readers,

Hope you are well.  Welcome to week 1 of Motivation Monday and thank you for following me on my weight loss journey.

Weekly summary
You'll be pleased to hear that I did stick to a routine last week.  After expressing I was 15st 8lb, I dieted by counting the calories and fat of what I ate, I drank more water and I ensured  I exercised every day.

Over the weekend I took the children swimming on Saturday, and went for a 30 minute walk on both days.  I did stick to my diet on the whole, however I was a little naughty on Saturday as I made an orange and pistachio sponge cake, and I just had to have a slice!

I visited the gym for 50 minutes Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - when I visit the gym I walk 15 minutes there and then 15 minutes back so that was another half hour exercise.

I swam for 20 minutes solidly - mainly breast stroke, on both Tuesday and Thursday evening.

Diet Example
For an example of what I ate, on Tuesday I had:

Breakfast: Half of a Grapefruit, and a glass of water  (I'm not really a breakfast person so this was find for me).

Lunch: Prawn mayo sandwich on wholemeal bread (low fat mayo in a cafe but sandwich was labelled with calorie and fat in take)

Dinner:  Salmon, roasted baby potatoes, and green beans

Snack: After swimming I was hungry so I had a special K bar.

I drank coffee and water all day.  I don't take much milk, and I alternated water, then coffee.  I mainly drink decaf but had two cups of regular.  I included the milk in my calorie and fat count.

My five weekly Motivation Monday questions

1# How much do I weigh today?  Today I weigh 15stone 3lb

2# How do I feel about that? I am pleased that I have lost 5lb and I hope that with a few lifestyle changes I can continue to lose at a steady pace - 1-2lb per week is fine as you are more likely to keep it off if you lose gradually.  I just feel in a hurry to lose all I need to!  

3# What kept me motivated all week?  I think the impending weigh day on a Monday kept me motivated over the weekend.  I was determined to make use of my gym pass as I am paying money each month for this.  

4# What is my aim for this week?  My aim this week - I would love another 5lb loss so I am under 15 stone.  I know you are supposed to lose at a steady pace but I think if I could get under 15 stone it would be a great start.  As long as I lose on the whole I am not too worried, but another 5lb loss before it slows down to 1-2lb per week would be a huge confidence boost for me - I can do it! 

5# What did I find easy/difficult?  I found it difficult to go to the gym everyday as I need to walk there and it takes up more time than I would like.  I also found committing to cooking each day difficult.  Once I was in the gym, I found it easy to keep myself going - to keep motivated and was eager to use all of the equipment and follow a routine.  

My weekly Motivation Monday Tip
Reward yourself on your weigh day, that way you have something to work towards and this keeps you motivated - I will get that slice of cake I've craved all week on Monday!

Words of wisdom! 
Even when things are tough, it'll be worth it in the end so keep going!

Thanks for reading - and feel free to comment and help me stay motivated this week!

Laters, Janet

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