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Friday, 25 September 2015

Funny Family Friday week 4 - My Moan (LINKY NOT GOING AHEAD AS PLANNED)

Hello readers

I planned to post another funny family Friday linky today, however, I have had a hectic week and not a very funny one at that.  I just couldn't write a funny story today as I feel drained so I thought I would have a moan instead, so sorry, the linky is not going ahead as planned, but it will run next week! 

Funny Family Friday  My Moan!

It started on Saturday when my 3-year-old injured his elbow.  It was find at first but kept waking him up through the night so I took him to our urgent care centre who X-rayed it and said it wasn't broken and probably just the scrape that was causing the pain.  I told her I was glad it wasn't broken but it wasn't the scrape because his elbow was hurting and the scrape was further down his arm.  I asked if it could be a sprain and she stuck a dressing on the scrape and dismissed me, insisting it was the scrape, and suggesting I give both ibuprofen and paracetamol to my child.  She told me his X-ray would be checked at the hospital but neither her or the radiographer could see a fracture so I just left.  I had to prop his arm up with a pillow in bed but continued with what they said.

The next day, he couldn't lift his arm up and sometimes he supported it by holding his wrist with his other hand, or it looked a bit limp and floppy beside him. He cried when he had to put a top on and off but I kept on with the pain killers and even took him to his swimming class as he really wanted to go.  He did have a bit more flexibility in the water.  The swelling seemed to go down a little on the Monday and I let him go to nursery.  I live opposite so I told them to contact me if it was bothering him.  They didn't call me but they did say he seemed to be favouring his other arm.  When I got in after school, I received a call asking how my little one's arm was.  I said he couldn't lift it up above his head or lift himself from a laying to a sitting position as it hurt.  I asked why, and the lady said that the hairline fracture had been missed as fluid/blood was leaking into the bone and that I needed to take him to the fracture clinic the next day.

By Tuesday he could raise his arm above his head, the swelling had gone and he said if the Doctor asked him, he was going to say 'it's fine it doesn't hurt' all because he didn't want a cast as it would risk him being able to go to football.  The Doctor said the fracture was tiny, and that as he was moving his arm and seemed to be using it again, he didn't want to restrict it by putting on a cast.

I totally understood and it was much better - but I wondered if they would have come to that originally if the fracture had been correctly diagnosed. Who knows?

Anyway proceeding this, my husband is ill and is now onto his third set of antibiotics - spent Tuesday afternoon in the fracture clinic and then Tuesday evening in A and E with my husband.  He still isn't well and we went back to the Doctor's today for the strongest antibiotics so hopefully these will work!

Sometimes you don't realise how much your other half does until they are ill.  My hubby does the tea a couple of nights per week, does the weekend washing and ironing (I do midweek), he tends to do the pots after tea and clean the kitchen, we take turns bathing the children, taking them to bed, taking them to sports clubs, school drop offs and pickups, and this week I have had everything to do which has been hard.  Plus I've looked after him as he is totally wiped out!

I really appreciate everything he generally does and realise that teamwork is a huge factor in our family, and I am lucky that we support one another as much as we do as if there is one missing link, it really puts pressure on the other and it's in danger of crumbling, but luckily, we are both strong people and can support the family in the absence of the other as we rise to the challenge, no matter how hard it is.

On top of all this, my daughter had stomach ache and was off school on Wednesday.  She didn't look well and then seemed to make a miraculous recovery in the afternoon.  The more I think about it, I think she was trying to get out of her after school sports club to be honest!

Anyway, I now have a cold and the lads are coughing!  

Basically we are the unwell and accident prone family this week.  What doesn't change is how we look after and club together to support each other as we have all chipped in this week to help and that's what family is all about.  Although we haven't all been great, we all had illnesses that we can recover from and we are all lucky to have each other.  

Really love my family and here's hoping that next week is a well/accident free week (if that's possible, lol).

Thanks for stopping by,

Laters, Janet

Not so #funnyfamilyfriday

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