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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Six Quick and EasySteps to Take Care of Tired Feet

I don't know about you, but I walk a lot.  Probably because we don't have a car at the moment and live quite central.  I can drive and I am insured to drive my Mother's car but I only use it if absolutely necessary.  I think it's easy to forget about feet, as although they might ache, they are tucked away in socks, shoes, and slippers.

I was at a Spa recently when on holiday and I had a foot treatment (you may remember me mentioning this) and the lady doing the treatment said that caring for your feet is very important and to be honest, it's something I never considered.  She told me that simply adding them into a moisturising routine by rubbing cream on your feet is a simple way to keep them soft and nourished - I nodded in agreement, however, it's hard to add this to a moisturising routine, when you have stacks of moisturiser and body butter because you NEVER find time moisturise.

She did comment that my feet weren't in bad condition, and I think she was being honest as although I have a touch of hard skin on the bottom of each big toe, I don't have a huge amount of hard skin - I must be lucky!

Whilst on holiday, I got thinking about caring for myself more and I think this is initially when I decided that I needed to lose weight - hence Motivation Monday posts.  As I tone up my skin through exercise, I thought what better time to start moisturising, and get myself into a routine.  I am not a fan of baths - I'm more of a quick shower type of gal, but I have now scheduled sometime on a Sunday evening for self-care.

There are obvious complaints in the household about this as I am in the bathroom for a long period of time now haha!

The facial I posted last week is now a weekly occurrence but I have also developed a foot care regime in six easy steps, especially for my tired feet.

  1. First of all, I soak my feet in a hot bubble bath for around 10 minutes (usually I have my face mask on at this point so I kick back and read a chapter of my book).  
  2. Then, I use a body scrub or a beaded body wash to remove dead skin and I put this onto a shower scrunchy and scrub my feet.  I then leave them to soak for another 5 minutes or so whilst I do whatever else I need to do in the bath.  
  3. When I get out of the bath, I dry my feet thoroughly and I use a pommy stone and give a quick scrub of my feet with this.  
  4. Dry your feet, ensuring you dry between the toes!  
  5. When moisturising, I ensure I use the moisturiser on the bottom and top of my feet, especially on the areas of hard skin.  
  6. I then slip my feet into my slippers for the rest of the evening, the moisturiser has had time to soak in.
I repeat the moisturising of my body and legs once or twice more through the week following a shower.  If your feet have lots of hard skin, there is nothing stopping you soaking your feet for a while in hot water and using the stone again, before moisturising.  The choice is yours but I would certainly recommend moisturising your tired feet at least twice per week and if you moisturise every day, why not just build it into your routine?  

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.  Comment and let us know how you take care of your own tired feet (if you do).  It would be great to share tips here!

Laters, Janet

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