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Monday, 28 September 2015

Motivation Monday - Week 4

Hi readers,

Hope you are well.  Welcome to week 4 of Motivation Monday and thank you for following me on my weight loss journey.  

Weekly summary
I didn't have a great week overall and I didn't get to the gym, and only swam once.  As I had to do all the kids activities with them, with my other half being unwell, I did do extra walks and housework.  So I was hopeful!

Eating wise I did have a take away on Saturday evening, but other than that, I stuck to my diet plan but again, didn't have high hopes for this week.  

As I mentioned, I didn't go to the gym, just swimming and lots of walking this week.  

Diet Example
On Sunday I had a Sunday lunch and we made our own Pizza so I made home-made bases and then everyone else decorated them.  I was able to monitor portion size, control what foods were in the base, I made my own sauce with passata, basil, garlic and a touch of salt, and only used a little low fat cheese.  This was great as I like mushrooms, peppers, onions, sweetcorn, and I was able to put more of the things on that I enjoy and skimp on the cheese.  I only made a small pizza, however it was very filling and tasty - everyone loved them! 

My five weekly Motivation Monday questions

1# How much do I weigh today?  15stone exactly so I am thrilled (and shocked) to announce that I lost 3lb.  

2# How do I feel about that? Very, very pleased, and still determined to keep going! 

3# What kept me motivated all week?  I didn't really have a motivation this week - I think I just took everything on with my other half being ill and I didn't want to fail.  To be honest my diet and exercise came last - but I'm so thrilled that I was able to look after myself as well as others.   

4# What is my aim for this week?  I would like to lose 2lb each week if possible, and as my husband is still ill, I just want to attempt the two swims, and maybe one gym session at least as well as the walking and housework.  I want to spring clean the downstairs as I did the upstairs last week so hopefully keeping active will assist my weight loss.  

5# What did I find easy/difficult?  I found with my husband being ill I had less time to spend on myself and I just felt constantly tired and drained, as well as being worried.  I found keeping active easy as I was the only one who could get on with what I needed to do.  

My weekly Motivation Monday Tip
Try to keep focussed and not think too much about how the housework keeps you active as this could mean you become overly confident - which could mean failure. 

Words of wisdom! 
Accept a treat but don't get too over-confident because you lost weight two weeks in a row. Set a good example and keep working for what you want and then you can be proud of the results.

Thanks for reading - and feel free to comment and help me stay motivated this week.  

Just hope I can keep it up!

Laters, Janet

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