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Friday, 18 September 2015

Funny Family Friday Week 3 - The Kissing Obsession of a Three-year-old

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OK, so it's embarrassing when you take you take your three year old out and he wants to kiss things - by things I mean not people, which is a blessing as you want him to be aware of stranger-danger.  I mean, he kisses random concrete objects like for instance, last week, he sat in the bus stop, kissing the windows.  Now, I dread to think what germs these things collect, being outside, and close to main roads.  When I went to secondary school, some rank boys used to spit at the bus stop windows so I always think of that and keep my distant, but Al, thinks it's OK to kiss these.

I told him it was dirty and he isn't to do that. He did stop for a while looking sad.  I tried to distract him by pointing at the map in the bus stop that shows you the different bus routes and stops - but then he started kissing the map!

Again, I told him no and explained he would get a poorly tummy and we sat on the bench together.

An Elderly lady sat at the other end of the bench in the bus stop.  After a while, Al becomes bored because as usual, the bus was late.  There is only so long you can entertain a three-year-old at the bus stop.  He starts to slide along the bench and I ask him, 'What are you doing?' and Al squeaks 'Nothing!' but then his curiosity gets the better of him.  'Mum,' he asks in a loud playground voice 'why is that lady there so old?' *points his finger towards the lady at the other end of the bench.  'She's really old isn't she, but why?'  

This is the time that you want the ground to open up and swallow you!

I told him to ssshhh!  I was finally saved by the arrival of the late bus.

Damn you late bus, this embarrassment wouldn't have happened if you had been on time!

We got on the bus and I explained to Al that you saying people are old is cheeky and you mustn't make comments like that as it might upset others.  He listened attentively, asked why, but before I could explain his attentions concentrated back on his kissing obsession.  He started to kiss the bus window, so I again had to explain that germs are on windows which I was growing tiresome of saying now, it was like being on repeat.

So then the next thing, he is off his seat, bent over, kissing the bus seat - I told him:
'Right now behave, son, people's bottoms go on the seat and you don't kiss bottoms.'

I knew I was playing with fire here, as if he can't access your face for some reason, maybe because you are standing, he tends to kiss the bottom of me, his dad, his brother, and his sister.

I was relieved to finally get off the bus, and I distracted him by running up the street and jumping over the pavement cracks with him.

Other things he likes to kiss are lamp posts, cars, toys, the dog, and chocolate bars.

Why can't my child have a cleaner and risk-free obsession?

Does your child have any strange obsessions?  Comment below and let me know.

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Laters, Janet 

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  1. Haha, I love this, he's obviously very affectionate ;) I thought he was going to kiss the old lady lol!

    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    1. He prefers objects to people, I think. He is really sweet and affectionate bless him :)

      Thanks for the comment, Janet

  2. HA! Ted has just started kissing and it's wonderful. Thanks for sharing this on #bigfatlinky

    1. It is so special when they start kissing, I love it! My little one is really affectionate and sweet he just has the odd strange habit. Treasure every moment because they grow up before you know it - my eldest goes to secondary school next September. :)

      Thanks for reading and for your comment, Janet