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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday Summary 20/09/2015

Dear Readers,

I hope you have enjoyed my posts this week - wow the weeks are flying by and yes, it's time once again for my Sunday Summary.

My children's swimming lessons started today so I lost my Sunday lie-in lol!

What did I post this week? 
Well, Monday was the start of my Motivation Mondays and basically this is about me and my health regime/weight loss - this week the post concentrated on how I lacked motivation in the second week and put on 4lb of the 5lb I had lost the week previous.  I must admit I was gutted about this and the post had me close to tears.  On Tuesday, was my weekly book review post and I reviewed The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.  Wednesday I posted on foot care - six easy ways to care for tired feet which is part of my self-care posts I am running this month, and Thursday was a list post - 10 Random Facts you didn't know about me - which it was difficult thinking of ten things I hadn't already shared, but once I had my facts was nice and quick.  Friday of course was my Funny Family Friday which I shared my Son's strange kissing obsession, and Saturday was a post about free courses I have been studying which are enjoyable and worthwhile.  

So, what did I like/dislike and why? 
I liked my book review this week, and Friday's linky post.  I really enjoyed reading Dorian Gray, much more than I thought I would, so I enjoyed writing the review.  The funny things my son does amuse me and I really enjoy sharing them - even his strange kissing obsession, and I am really interested to find out if anyone else's children have strange obsessions too!  I disliked writing Motivation Monday this week - it was really hard for me emotionally as I was disappointed at putting weight on.  It's hard to admit the truth - even to people you don't know personally as I was so disappointed but I suppose dieting is one of those things in life that a lot of people struggle with and I have been much more focussed this week, so fingers crossed!   

What to look out for next week! 
Next week's post begins with Motivation Mondays so fingers crossed for me this week guys! 

You can also expect a book review of Jekyll and Hyde, Five steps to a relaxing bath, Why I love Afternoon tea, and my Linky which is about challenging behaviour - parent payback #funnyfamilyfriday  I also plan on Saturday, (if all goes to plan,) of making my own Afternoon Tea and hopefully I will post pictures and talk through what I included -wish me luck with that one as I have lots on next week, lol. 

Thanks for reading my Sunday Summary, and I hope you are excited for next weeks post.  If you would like to advertise your blog, guest post for me, or if there are any topics you would like to see me discuss in a blog post, please email me at

I would love your input!  

Laters, Janet 

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