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Friday, 11 September 2015

Funny Family Friday - *week 2* - Watch you don't spill the paint!

Welcome to week 2 of Funny Family Friday and if you are linking up to Funny Family Friday, or you are a returning link up - thank you so much in advance! If your just here to read, feel free to make a comment in the comments section and share your thought.  

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The story I want to tell you today is a reflection back on my holiday 2 weeks ago.  I took the children the to pottery painting at Center Parcs, with my Mum.  We chose our pots (and paid an extortionate amount of cash for them), then we headed to our table to paint them.  We were advised that the paint washes out, except for two.  We were also told to put at least three layers on our paint as they needed to be treated and baked in an oven for several hours afterwards, before being blasted with a shiny coat. 
They only had aprons to fit my youngest so me, my Mum, my daughter, and my eldest son were all exposed to the paint.  I just assumed all would have aprons so we hadn't dressed in old clothes - in fact me and the children had new clothes on - how silly of me! 

The pallets were small, so I was helping the children to put the paint into the pallet, and sometimes the paint had gone crusty over the hole, so I kept saying to the children repeatedly,

'Be careful, don't spill the paint!' and reminding them to ask for help if they needed it.

I started working on my master piece - a nautical themed plate with a large crab on a beach, and fish in the sea.  I was most impressed with my design!

My young son decided he wanted brown for his doggy, but it was stuck, so I offered to assist.  I told him again how important it was to ask for help as we didn't want paint everywhere.  The top of the tube was well blocked and I poked the end of the paint brush in the hole, to try and unblock it. 

I shook the tube hard towards the pallet once, and squeezed - a bit too hard!

With a squelch and a slurping sound, the paint flew from the tube, splashed into the pallet... and back out again... far too much paint for that small pallet... and covering my daughter who sat opposite, myself, and my son, beside me.  It was all over my daughter's face, her hair, her new top.

She looked at me with her eyes blazing, fuming.  'Mam, what did you do that for? You put paint all over me!'

Everyone looked at us!

'Sorry,' I said - looking horrified.

'But Mam, erm, you said don't spill the paint,' reminded my three year old son. 

Thanks for that! 

My other son, and Mum sat sniggering!

Good job we all have a sense of humour - I mean what chance do these children have of not spilling the paint, with their mother as a role model!  #embarrassingholidaymoment #itcouldonlyhappentome

So, to prevent my further embarrassment, post a comment below and share your embarrassing moment - has anything like this ever happened to you? Have you told your children NOT to do something and then it happens to you?  Come on guys share, embarrassed Mum here!

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Laters, Janet :)

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