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Thursday, 3 September 2015

To Party, or Not to Party, that is the question...

Dear readers,

Today is just a short post and really it's me looking for YOUR input.  I want to discuss children's birthday parties, you see, it's my son's fourth birthday soon and he has never had a birthday party, and he hasn't really asked for a party, but both myself and my OH are contemplating whether he should have his first party or not...

We are trying to save money, but to be honest I always offer a part or present - the kids have a specific amount of money allowed and can choose/suggest a specific present or choose to have a party within the cost bracket so the cost is not the issue.

My other children had parties but maybe that was down to me just arranging them.  My son knows it's his birthday but hasn't mentioned a party and would probably be satisfied with having a small one for family and friends in our home.  One of his friends had one in a soft play area not long ago, and it was nice, but I find myself dreading the party - but I feel he shouldn't do without one just because I don't feel like arranging/hosting one.  If I have one at the soft play area, I would have to commit myself to going to that place on that day, at that time. With the OH being ill unpredictably, I could end up having to deal with the whole party myself - just the thought makes me feel exhausted!

I do have anxiety issues and tend to panic about things I shouldn't - usually I can control it but the party prospect is really playing on my mind as part of me wants him to have his first party but another part thinks 'why are you doing this to yourself?'

His nursery school is quiet at the moment and the new starters will start to filter in next week, and there are only one or two people who he plays with so I don't even know who to invite.  I just wondered if other parents had a point of view on this - do your children have a party for their birthday? Is it their choice or do you just arrange one for them?  What age do you think is appropriate to offer a child a party?  Share your comments below, and let me know what you think.

Laters, Janet

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