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Saturday, 26 September 2015

My Home Made Afternoon Tea

Hi readers

A few days ago I talked about why I loved afternoon tea and I finally did my own variation.  It took me TWO hours and my husband ended up helping - oh yes, it wasn't easy but it went down a treat.

As I was making this for children we had to have simplistic sandwiches so I made ham, egg, and grated cheese.

We had some pastries: mini sausage rolls, quiche, and blinis. I also made cheese scones and flapjacks.

I also chopped salad and made a selection of three cakes including lemon drizzle cake, butterfly fairy cakes (with butter icing), mini double chocolate muffins topped in white chocolate.

I then made a pot of tea and we all (except for my OH) had a cup of tea too!

Overall it went down a treat and although I only cooked a few sausage rolls and made a few sandwiches (3 quarter triangles each) there was far too much food.  We had quiche left which was eaten the next day, and we had cakes, scones, and flapjacks that lasted a number of days.

The thing that I liked about this was the choice, plus it was nice to have cake available for guests and for the kids to have the odd snack - although I wont be doing this on a weekly basis haha!  The thing I liked about home made food (cakes, scones, flapjacks, quiche) is that I control what I use so I knew what we were eating - so they are healthier for my family (although, still an obvious treat).

It's my little ones fourth birthday on Friday and I would love to do this again - but we will see what today brings.  Basically, I suppose mine was just a posh buffet type tea but we all enjoyed the selection.

There are pictures below so see for yourself, laters, Janet

Orange and Pistachio Cake

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