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Sunday, 10 May 2015

My Five Positives

Today is about being positive!

Since the General Election three days ago, I have felt a negative vibe and to be honest, I have concerns about what lies ahead too but I feel drained.  I do care about the country and comrades and need time to reflect properly, after all of the hype. 

I find the negativity to be tiring, and boring, so this post isn't going to be negative.  I am worried about the future and I may do a post during the week as I have seen some really positive and revolutionary posts too, but today is Sunday, and Sunday is a day to rest and be thankful.  

I started thinking, what is positive in my life?  Positives that no one else can change for me and I thought I would share these with you. 

Number 1# - My Family
My family are the most important thing/people in my life, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.  My husband, daughter, and two sons are the reason I wake up every morning, put on my make-up and get on with the day.  Whether I feel like it or not!  They are the reason I am conscientious about my future career, and they support and motivate me.  We are united!  <3 

Number 2# - University
I put University next because it is a hugely important aspect in my life and I never want to leave.  The first to go to University in my family and possibly against the odds due to my working class family background and the fact I left school early, with no qualifications due to anxieties - here I am, already with a Bachelor of Arts, studying for a Master of Arts and I love it.  Other than my family, this is possibly my greatest achievement and always a positive!

Number 3# - The Sunshine
Who could possibly deny that sunshine is not a positive of today.  It's amazing how a dull cloud can set the mood for the day but the sunshine can brighten everyone by simply being on show. Sunshine doesn't happen everyday but today it's my positive!

Number 4# - Literature
When life is too much - it's all about the literature for me.  It stimulates the mind and sucks you into its world.  I probably use it mostly for escapism, and sometimes for analytic purposes.  Since my degree I do tend to analyse more - but it hasn't scuppered my enjoyment, in fact, I find I understand it better.  My favourite genres are crime, and I favour writing crime too.  Lately I do link in a lot more to fantasy and sci-fi too when bot both reading or writing.  I also watch this genre on TV too!  A world without literature is scary for me, so it's always a positive that it exists in my eyes.  

Number 5# - Writing
Sounds a bit corny, when I write this down but I love to write.  It's a way of using creativeness, it's a way of expression, and it's also a way with dealing and coping with difficult situations.  I love writing this blog, and having it is certainly a positive in my life.  I am learning so much and it's great I can feel listened to and share my work.  

Has the election affected your mood? If so, how?  Are you happy, sad, unaffected, or just tired of hearing about the election?  

So I ask you, what are your five positives? It can be something you have, something you have experienced, and something you will continue to do - or even all of these.  

If moral is low, reflect on these and be thankful for those five things that nobody can take away from you!  

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