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Sunday, 31 May 2015

June Blog Schedule - REVEALED!

Hi everyone!

Anyone that follows my blog will know that May's blogging didn't exactly go as planned.  So it's time to move on as June begins tomorrow.  The positive thing that came from my schedule being obliterated towards the end of the month is that I am more determined than ever to have a successful June.

To have a more successful June, I feel I need more structure.  With this in mind June will follow a family theme and my aim is to attempt to post something each day.

The first week of June that runs from the 1-7 June, I am labelling 'Sharing is Caring Week' and basically for this week I will share the knowledge that I have, and hopefully it will help some of my readers.

01/06/2015Introduction to 'Sharing is Caring' week
02/06/2015My top charities and how they help
03/06/2015Looking and applying for a job
04/06/2015CV workshop
05/06/20155 low budget recipes 
06/06/2015Doing your part  'Sharing is Caring' 
07/06/2015Review of Sharing is Caring week

In the second week of June, from 8-14 June, I am labelling 'Celebrating Fathers'.  With Fathers day on the horizon I thought this theme would be appropriate.

08/06/2015 Introduction to 'Celebrating Fathers'
09/06/2015I miss my dad! 
10/06/2015Fathers' day gift ideas
11/06/2015Five Funny things I did to my Father 
12/06/2015Fathers and Inequality
13/06/2015Poetry for fathers 
14/06/2015Review of Celebrating Fathers

Although Father's are important, I think that family in general is important.  So the last fortnight of June on my blog will be labelled 'Family Fortnight' and there will be something for everyone here!  My planned schedule is as follows;

15/06/2015 What you can expect this fortnight?
17/06/2015 Five Fun family cheap indoor activities
19/06/2015 Why family is important to me?
21/06/2015 Five Fun family cheap outdoor activities
23/06/2015 My top five tips - managing behaviour
25/06/2015 Five reasons to take your children camping
27/06/2015 Family and Food - plus five family recipes
29/06/2015 Review of Family Fortnight

The planned blog posts in family fortnight are scheduled every other day, and this is intentional, although I still intend to post everyday.  The days in between (16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 June) will include 7 instalments of Funny Family Tales - based on my own family and experience.

30th June  Summing up June and the big REVEAL for July

I hope you enjoy my posts throughout June.  Are there any posts/weeks you are particularly looking forward to throughout June?

Don't forget, I am looking for 'Father' themed poetry to feature on my website on the 13th June.  
The closing date for entries are 11th June 2015 at midnight.
Check out the rules at: 

Laters, Janet


  1. Sounds like it's going to be a great month! I'm particularly looking forward to the Funny Family Tales :)

    1. Thanks, Debbie! I can guarantee my Funny Family Tales will be fun as my family are mental, lol.
      Thanks for your comment :)