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Monday, 1 June 2015

Welcome to 'Sharing is Caring' Week on my blog

Hi guys

This is my introduction to what I have named 'Sharing is Caring' week on my blog.  The reason I chose this theme is because sometimes when you want some advice or want to know something, another person knows it and if they share this knowledge with you it can make a difference.

This is exactly what I want to do - I want to make a difference.

I don't think for a second that I am an expert in anything but what is amazing about all of us, is we all have different life experiences,  and most of us know something, or specialise in something that someone else doesn't know.

I got thinking about general problems that people have in their life and sometimes knowing where to get help or what to do to improve a situation.

There are lots of issues that are important to life and I wanted to post on things that really matter.  Survival means we need money, food and water, a place to life, access to health care.  Often we need a job to access money which can be problematic.  I was actually surprised with how much I could have written about, and I did really have to narrow my thoughts down and focus on some of life's issues.

Comment on this post and tell me what's important to you in your life that you would have liked to see posted?

Here is an overview of my planned posts for the week and why I chose these.

02/06/2015 - My Top Charities and How they Help
I wanted to consider problems in society and how charities are formed to help people.  People talk a lot about charities and sometimes I feel it isn't recognised exactly how a charity can assist you.  With this in mind I am posting about my top charities, why they are important to me, and how they help people.  I will also summarise charities in society and how important they are to our community.  You will also get the opportunity to comment on your favourite charity - after all, 'Sharing is Caring'.

03/06/2015 - Looking and Applying for Jobs.
I think applying for jobs can be a major issue today.  I don't claim to be an expert, but I have experience teaching employability and I've had a fair few jobs, so I wanted to give some tips for looking and applying for jobs.  It may be things that some of you are already are aware of but if there is just one tip that helps a reader, that is progress.  

04/06/2015 - CV Workshop
I have been to some CV workshops previously and one wasn't that long ago.  To be honest CV's have always been my strong point and when I have had my own looked at I haven't had too many negative comments.  I have also completed some research previously on CV's and considered what employers want to see in this document.  I am going to do a short post, and then I will link you to my website, and on my website, you will be able to access a PowerPoint I have put together about putting together your CV.  

05/06/2015 - My Top 5 Low Budget Recipes
I chose to write a post on low budget recipes because, I myself have been there.  I have been at the point when I have needed to scrimp and save every penny, in fact, I still just get by now and I have my good and bad months with money - things crop up, things happen!  I wanted to share some recipes because food is important, and I have some neat ideas about how to bulk out your food which is useful, especially if you're feeding a family. 

06/06/2015 - Doing your Part - The 'Sharing is Caring' Philosophy
Hopefully, by the end of the week I will have inspired you all and you will want to take part in the 'Sharing is Caring' philosophy.  So for all you bloggers out there, I ask you to comment, and link up to a post of how you have adopted 'Sharing is Caring' - what have you done?  This can be an old or a new post - whatever you think relates to my post.  I don't have a huge readership at the moment so I would be thrilled if you could add my button/link to your post to help me generate traffic - Sharing is Caring after all!  

07/06/2015 - Review of 'Sharing is Caring' week
On Sunday, I am going to do a reflective post of my blog posts this week.  I am relying on you, my dear readers to comment on what you thought of my posts this week and what your favourite, and least favourite has been.  I will also be scheduled on Twitter for a chat between 9-10pm BST, just look for me and we can share our ideas:  @dementedjan and #sharingiscaring  

I am of the philosophy that 'Knowledge is Power' and I believe that sharing our knowledge makes us stronger, and unites us.  
Share what you know, and show you care! 

I could have probably done a 'Sharing is Caring' Month, as I didn't realise I had so much to say.  I could have posted on bringing up my children, about careers, or teaching and learning, or maybe on money issues, and I could have also completed information posts on writing, blogging and being published, and maybe I will in the future.  

Tell me readers... 
What knowledge you have to share?  
What would you like to gain knowledge on?  
Do you think my idea of 'Sharing is Caring' week is useful?  

Have a great day, laters, Janet :) 

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