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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Review of Celebrating Fathers Week

Good Week of Blogging!

Hi everyone,

Most of you will be pleased to hear that the last week of blogging has been far less painful than the previous week.  I enjoyed posting all of the posts this week.  I enjoyed posting about my own Father - 9 years is a long time and I think a post was well overdue.  I enjoyed researching gift ideas too, and I think there were some really unique ideas that involved personalisation.

I think my least favourite post of the week was my opinion piece of Father Inequalities.  I tried to stay as objective as possible and I don't think my opinion was overly critical of anyone, it was just considering fairness.  I was worried that my post would offend a reader or two as I find this quite a controversial issue and those who have had a bad experience may severely disagree with what I said, however I was using the scenario of both parents being good parents.  Once I had posted, I'll be honest, I felt sick, and secretly hoped not to get any comments.  Much to my dismay, the post was quite popular, but nobody really had anything negative to say - just points about considering both sides of the story which I agree is very important.  On the plus side, I have gained the confidence to post an opinion piece again because it wasn't that bad - which is a confidence boost. Thanks, guys!

My favourite post this week was yesterday's.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading the two poems submitted by readers.  I also enjoyed involving my daughter, and even writing my own poems.  The best part for me was putting them altogether in a newsletter for people to views.  This is the sort of thing I like to do and so much so, it helped me to come to an executive decision for my blog and website.

When creating the newsletter I used publisher.  I was prompted by one of the templates I viewed to include a volume or issue number and it got me thinking, this doesn't have to be a one-off.  So I have decided that I am going to create a quarterly magazine and if it takes off, I might publish bi-monthly, monthly, or even turn it into a magazine.  The magazine is going to be based around writing, and I am hoping to include an informational articles on general writing guidance or themed posts (depending on that editions theme), interviews, reviews, and then it will feature works of prose and poetry based on a specific theme.  The Rambles, Rants, and Writngs magazine's first edition will be launched on 1st September 2015, click the Magazine Publication tab at the top of the screen for further details.

This makes me very excited of how my blog is progressing and it gives me a steady aim of its direction.  I only transferred and previous written posts to this blogger site in early June and I am steadily approaching a thousand page views, which I feel is an achievement.  Starting a blog was an experiment, simply because I wondered if I would be any good at it and I am learning to embed codes, and finding out what I do and do not like to write about.  If I could say one thing about my blogging experience it would be that it's a journey.  It's my journey!  

Keep reading guys, and look out for tomorrow's post which will outline what you can expect from my blog for the remainder of June - Family Fortnight!

Keep reading, and thank you for your continued support.  You guys are the ones who make the blogging experience so worth while, and it helps me to develop and work out direction.
#bigshoutouttomyreaders #keepreading

Laters, Janet :)

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