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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Reflection on Sharing is Caring week

Hello people, I am pleased you are still with me!

So, I'm not going to lie, blogging this week has been really difficult for me.  The purpose of this week was to try and give something back by sharing knowledge to those who may have found themselves in difficult situations (lack of money, loss of jobs, difficult situations), but giving so much information every day has been tough.  I tried my hardest to give posts that I felt would benefit others, but in the process, I felt bored.  

I usually blog for fun but this was exhausting!

The information on different charities on Tuesday was exhausting and possibly my least favourite.  I spent most of my time researching and pasting in links, when usually I just post my opinion.  Yesterday I had a disaster with my so called #linky, which to be honest, I have just rectified before writing this post.  I wanted to cry!

My best post was the CV workshop with the powerpoint, as I had a lot of the information created from my teaching materials and after a night at University, I was pleased to be able to produce such a short post.  Usually, I want to talk for England! 

It brought me to self realisation that I shouldn't be too hard on myself.  I'm fairly new to blogging, in fact I used to blog twice per month.  There is so much I have to learn yet and yet, I tried to do it in one week.  

I think my main point here is that I need to blog about what I love, and subjects that interest me.  I love to write fiction, 'how to' articles, things that make me tick, funny stories of my family.  This doesn't mean for a second that I wouldn't write about something that can help others, or promote a charity, or share my knowledge - I'll gladly do this... Just not seven days per week!  

If I found my post uninteresting then it is likely that my readers did too!  I am sure that the ones that applied to you could have possibly been of help and I don't regret experimenting, I just don't think daily posts of the topics I covered is my forte.

If anything, this week has helped me to consider what I don't want for my blog and what direction I want it to head in, which is certainly a positive as at the beginning of the week I had no clue what I wanted to achieve.  

When I started a blog, I was worried as most people I know who have started a blog have a niche and I don't seem to be able to understand my niche and purpose.  Have any of my blogging followers felt like this?  How did you establish your niche and purpose?  

I am pleased that I got through this week but I am glad to move on.  I am still going to continue with my themes this month as I think that the Fathers theme for father's day is right up my street and proceding that are family themed post - again, a topic of great interest to me as I have so much to say.  

If you do get chance, I would be thrilled if you could view the post from yesterday and link up.  I don't expect a huge amount of traffic and I decided to create a linky just to say 'I can do it!' and I did - better late than never! #sharingiscaring

Keep reading, and tell ME, what you would like to see me post about and if I can, I will! 

Laters, Janet 
#exhaustedblogger  #positiveaboutmyblog #positiveaboutnextweek  #gladitsover 

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