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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Five Favourite Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's day is rapidly approaching and usually I do 'serious' posts so I thought it was about time to do a more light-hearted post.

I think that the point here is some people can afford to spend obscene amounts of money on their father, whereas others can barely afford anything.  What I will say is stay within your budget.  Your dad loves you and he wouldn't want you going a week without food so that you can buy him a present way out of your price range (well at least I hope not, haha).

I do believe it's the thought that counts but that doesn't mean you should just get any old rubbish, you do need to think about the present and I always think that giving something that personal touch makes a better gift.  If it's personal, then it's unique... and unique is good.

1. The Framed Poem
I suppose this post is a bit self-promotional for me - write a poem and submit it to my blog!   This will be published on my website and I will comment on this.  What better way to impress your dad but to publish a poem about him? The deadline is midnight tomorrow so hurry!  In all seriousness, you can still write a personal poem about your father and you can frame this.  You could personalise it by adding a picture of you and your dad, signing and dating it saying 'Happy Father's Day 2015'.  You could add decorations to the frame, or add pictures that apply to your dad, make it personal.  All you need to pay for is printing, and or a picture, and a frame.  In fairness there are some really cheap, decent picture frames around and I have bought a few of mine from a Pound shop.  This makes this idea really cheap, yet personal and thoughtful.

2.  Thorntons Chocolate
The great thing about Thornton's is that the chocolate is decent, they have some reasonably priced items and best of all, it is personal because they write a message on for you.  This can be limited depending on the size of your item.  Presently you can buy toffees for £2.50, and their chocolate with a message starts at as little as £5.00 - a bubble message.  You can then go on to buy bigger items likes cars and footballs.  Finally, there are chocolate gift packs starting at £15.00 so I think it's safe to say that they can cater for most price ranges.  If you hurry, they are currently offering 20% off any items ordered online if you use code FD20.  Shout out to Thornton's catering for everyone (well everyone who likes chocolate)!  #goodvaluegift

3.  Super Dad Pot of Dreams
I have seen some really great gift ideas in Clinton Cards for Father's day but the one that caught my eye in particular was a Super Dad Pot of Dreams Money Box.  Currently half price - was £9.99 and now only £4.99 makes this a total bargain.  I did stress earlier that personalised gifts are better which I think they are but for items that are not personalised, you could always try making your own wrapping paper for smaller gifts by printing out pictures of your dad on a sheet of paper and using this as wrapping paper, or even a gift tag.  If you are good at crafts, you could personalise this item yourself by buying or printing a sticker saying 'Happy Father's Day' and your father's name.  There are also some nice pint glasses and cups available for your Dad here, too.

4.  Personalised Plaque
I was impressed with the range of gifts available from Asda this year.  I'm usually a Tesco shopper but Asda online have some great ideas. They offer reasonably priced experience days, and a whole section on personalised father's day gifts.  I must admit that I am a fan of personalised plaques.  I think they look great and are a great keepsake.  The Man Cave plaque is great for any Father's sheds - my dad loved his shed - or Fred's Shed as we all called it.  This is great if your dad is a keen gardener and reasonably priced at £11.99!

5. Bake a Little Something with Love
'The way to man's heart is through his stomach,' so the saying goes.  If your Dad likes sponge cake, a quiche, pies, biscuits, scones, and flap jacks then you could make your Dad a little something.  Truffle recipes can be tricky but they are also a fabulous personal idea.  You just need something to display your food item in and you could decorate this - a nice box perhaps.  The cost is only the cost of your ingredients.

You know your father better than me and it is important to think about what he would like, as it would be with any gift.  Choose your gift carefully and remember the best gift is not necessarily the most expensive.

Other places that have some great gift ideas are Argos, and also Truprint for personalised picture items.  You could also do a search on ebay if you have an idea of what you are looking for.

Good luck in your search,

Laters, Janet

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