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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Funny Family Tale #2 - I think my son wants to get my head kicked in by another mother!

Today's tale will be quite short simply because this is a family tale that wont take a particularly a long time to tell.  There are two instances I am going to talk about how my son could have gotten me into so much trouble with other mothers.  I'm sure he has a secret vendetta against me and hopes one of them sorts me out!

Event 1 - The Folder
I was waiting outside of my son's classroom door to collect him from school.  There was a breeze in the air and I hadn't taken my coat.  When the wind blew, it blew but it was only every-so-often not a constant draft but it was blustery.  My son came out of his door, and so the teacher could see other parents I stepped back to make room.  I heard him shout 'Mam! Catch!' and I turned to face him and at that, he launched his reading folder in the air towards me.  It was in a plastic folder and as he done this, the wind caught it and took it another direction - BANG - straight into the face of another parent.  Of course, then I shouted his name and asked him 'why did you do that, you silly boy?' I then apologised profusely to the mother who had been hit with the flat of the folder thank God, so it hadn't hurt.  If it had been the corner I don't think we would have been as lucky.  I explained if there had been another child, a smaller child or toddler they could've been injured.  I couldn't decide if I looked like an insane person because my child was silly enough to do that, or if it was because I had shouted.  Either way, all eyes were on me!

Event 2 - The Rock
After the folder event (a couple of months after), I finally thought I had gotten through to my son in relation to him doing silly things.  As we left the school gates, there was a lady waiting for a child with her dog, as dogs aren't allowed in the school grounds.  The crossing is close by so my youngest son pressed the button and my oldest son was behind me.  He picked up a muddy rock from the grass about the size of a golf ball, threw it in the air, and kicked it with his foot.  It flew high in the sky and could see it going closer and closer to the lady with the dog.  I shrieked his name.  The rock landed just at the side of her and the dog jumped, but luckily it didn't hit her, or her dog, or anyone else.  Again, I apologised by telling her 'I am so, so sorry.'  My son knew he was in bother and got seven minutes on the stairs when we got home.  I told him if it had hit the lady or the dog, there could have been a serious injury and that you never, ever do anything like that, especially where there was people.  I was spouting this at him all of the way home as I was so mad that he had done this.  If he had kicked it towards the road it could have damaged a car or even caused a crash.  This was the second time that we were so, so lucky.

Sometimes, I don't understand what goes through his head and I don't suppose I ever will.  Usually, he is well behaved except for being a little energetic and boisterous at times.  I just hope he has learnt his lesson now.  Only time will tell because both of these events happening could have seen me bearing the brunt of his actions as it could have just as easily happened to a hostile person.  I coped with the embarrassment, and apologised, and both times nobody was injured which was such a relief.

Do you think my son is trying to get me 'sorted out'?

Have your children done anything embarrassing that you have had to apologise for that could have just as well meant trouble for you?

I laugh about them now, but this is because it was such an embarrassing moment.  Both of these events could have ended differently and obviously then, I wouldn't be writing it as a funny family tale as I may have been in hospital recovering!

So, let's hope I'm here safe and well for tomorrow's post!

Laters, Janet :)

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  1. Is it wrong I am laughing - like really laughing! I can see it all playing out in my head, especially the slow motion part where you see what is about to happen but can't stop it haha! Thank you for linking to #AnythingGoes

  2. I do see why you're laughing, and it's the same reason I am too - but it could've gone so differently. At least I am within the theme of my blog 'Funny Family Tales'. Fortunately fate was on my side that day so it is amusing and mortifying at the same time!
    Thanks for the linky and thanks for stopping by #linky #anythinggoes #funnyfamilytales :D Janet