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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Funny Family Tale #7 - that time he tried to knock the bears head off!

This is my final funny family tale and I hope you have enjoyed all 7 - let me know what you think as it's important to me that my readers enjoy what I am writing.

Today's funny story is in relation to my middle child - my almost eight year old son (again).  When he was three, I used to take him to mother and toddler sessions at the library.  He was always scared of people dressed-up as characters so when Book-time bear arrived I was a little anxious as I thought he would be scared.  He had some fruit and a photographer arrived from the local paper.  All of the children were asked to get their picture took with the bear. My son had approached the bear and must've decided that it wasn't that bad.  He became majorly hyperactive and wanted all of the bears attention.

I felt quite embarrassed so I tried to reign him in.  But he got more, and more, hyperactive.  As the newspaper staff were there it was quite embarrassing.  He started jumping and lunging at the bear - pushing up his head-dress.  When he realised it moved he started doing it more and more.

I removed him from the area and explained that you can't do this!  I told him that we wouldn't be allowed back in the library and that he had to be kind and stop attacking the bears head.  The librarian came and said it was picture time and she indicated to my son to get in the picture.  At this time all of the other children had gathered round the bear and sat - so my son just barged to the front and squeezed another boy out of the way (who wasn't amused), as he wanted to be next to the bear but so did the other 20 children too!  I was telling him off and apologising to parents but the local newspaper were snapping away on their camera.  I moved him away so the other boy could have a turn next to the bear but nobody seemed too bothered.

He started again, jumping at the bear and in the end I brought him home.  Of course, the picture in the mail WAS in fact one of the pictures snapped with my son next to Book-time bear so I suppose his perseverance paid off - much to my embarrassment!

You gotta give it to him, he knew what he wanted and he didn't care who he trampled on to get it!  He was like a possessed, obsessed, mad-man trying to get the bears attention.  I stayed away from the playgroup for a while after that but I kept the clipping of him in the local newspaper, next to the bear he tortured.

Children can be so embarrassing!

What does/has your child done that's so embarrassing?  Come on, share, we are all friends here!

Laters, Janet

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  1. Haha, brilliant! I was sort of hoping he managed to knock it right off, how bad does that make me lol. Thanks for linking to #AnythingGoes

  2. Thanks for reading! I know, I'm glad he didn't he would have spoilt it for everyone else and I would have had to deal with it lol. I can't believe he was being the worst child ever yet ended up in the newspaper. If I had been the photographer I would have thought 'I'm not putting that naughty boy in.' (with maybe a few swear words) lol Xx :)