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Friday, 26 June 2015

Funny Family tale #6

Mum Knows Best!
Welcome to my sixth funny family tale.  This is a recent story at just a couple of weeks old, but I concerned that to see the funny side you may have had to have actually been there.

We attended a kite festival (which I believed I have already mentioned).  My two eldest children wanted to go on the bigger rides and I wasn't very keen.  I let them go on a toboggan type ride that spun round in a circle, after refusing them to be able to go on a ride that looked a little bit like a twister but I assumed to tip upside down.  After the ride we banged into my friend who had let her two girls (the same age as my children) to go on this ride.  She is a really sensible lady and my children then wanted to know why they couldn't go on if the other girls of the same age could.  I said I thought it went upside down and could possibly be fast, but they went on and on.  The lady and her husband said they thought it was a twister type ride, and in the end I gave in and let my children go on.

The ride began and it picked up speed.  It started to lift in the air and tip on its side.  Before you knew it, they were upside twisting.  My son looked like he was celebrating, giggling away.  My daughter looked surprised. The G-force was pulling her cheeks backwards and her eyes were wide.  She tried to smile but her head was pinned to the seat and she did not look impressed.  My friend had to turn the other way and was almost in tears as she couldn't watch her girls.  It wasn't on long and soon came to a stop.  As the carriages turned slowly you got to see the faces of the people who had been on the ride.  As the carriage turned with my children in, my son was dancing and I heard him say 'that was the best ride, ever.' my daughter looked horrified.  When she got out of the seat she laughed but I knew she was going to say 'I'm not going on there again!' - and she did.  My friend's girl's carriage turned and her youngest looked like she was going to throw up - but soon recovered and looked normal again once on steady ground again.  The eldest looked shocked and terrified - her mouth was agape, she was still clinging on to the bars, and she looked ready to cry.  As soon as she clocked eyes on her Mum and Dad, she couldn't control herself.

The faces of the girls I knew on this ride made me laugh hysterically - I couldn't help it.  I think it was a bit of delirium too as I didn't like them being on the ride in the first place.  I really wanted to say 'Well I told you so - Mam knows best' to my daughter as I had warned her.  They kept going on and on until they got their own way.

As for my son, he still thinks it was the best ride ever so no hope there!

Laters, Janet
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  1. Haha, mum always knows best! I wonder if they will listen next time! Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    1. It's a nice thought, but they probably will not listen again, Debbie! #somethingsneverchange lol :) Thanks for visiting! - Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment, I had answered you but I keep writing as a comment instead of a reply. xx

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  3. So many people have no fear, some develop fear after going on rides that make your skin go white! Thanks for sharing. Mel xx #anythinggoes

    1. I agree! I found I always loved rides but once I became a mother I started to see danger and now I don't even attempt to ride on anything. I think I'd be ill! Thanks for visiting, Janet xx :) #anythinggoes