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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Funny Family Tale #5

This is just a short post.  First of all, let me apologise, as this post should have been completed yesterday, however I have had shocking internet connection and I spent 2 hours in a queue to Sky, then cut myself off with my chin and it was then past closing time and they couldn't accept new calls.  Then today I have been at an event all day and a book launch in relation to the story that I have recently had published within a collection.  Then I spent an hour on the telephone tonight and my issues still aren't solved #sigh.

Funny Family Tale #5 is to do with camping.  It dates back to before myself and my husband had our children together and we went camping with a few friends and his brother.  We where on a hilly-bank in a farmer's field and to be honest, it felt like you were sleeping upside down.  The next day we got out our burner and frying pan and decided to fry bacon sandwiches.  We made everyone a sandwich and my husband's brother asked for sauce.  My husband added sauce and tossed the sandwich to him, but in such a way that the sauce left the sandwich and slapped up my brother-in-laws cheek and ear.  Everyone laughed at him as he muttered untoward names calling my hubby.  My hubby then sat down to cook and all of a sudden, something crashed into the back of him and he felt claggy.  We hadn't put the lid on the oil (more or less a full bottle) and as he had sat, it had all spilt underneath him.  It was all over his jeans, everywhere!  My husband started swearing.  Everyone tried to hold in their laugh as when he was younger he could be a little hot-headed and nobody dared laugh... well that was except me.  He was swearing away and I was laughing as loud as possible.  Even funnier to that, he had no other trousers to wear.  We had went to go out drinking, so we had got ready to go out and were travelling back the next day so he hadn't taken a change of trousers thinking he would just shot his jeans back on.  I drove into the town and the only shop open was the Edinburgh Woollen Mill shop and everyone thought it was funny I went in to see if they sold trousers.  'Are you getting me woolly trousers?' my husband asked 'I wont be wearing them!'  I ended up driving to out of town and to an Asda.  We drove back and my husband was then most upset - I had picked up the first jeans I had come to in the shop - and they had a 'bootcut' leg, so they flared at the bottom.  He was fuming about the whole situation but the more he fumed, the more it made me laugh and amused the others!  All I can say is if you go camping - even if just for a brief time, take spare trousers.  Oh, and ensure your oil lid is secure too!

I think this story theme works out well as it still includes family just not children, and it's based on camping, which takes me to my next post My Five Reasons Why You Should Take Your Children Camping.

Laters, Janet


  1. Laughing so hard I'm crying :D

  2. It was pretty funny. I needed to post this because it was still a family tale and I didn't want to limit my week to talking about the funny things that children do (although I have so many of those) because older family members can have fun too! Family is applicable to people of all ages! Glad you found it entertaining, Debbie. Thanks for reading :)