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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Am I a Writer?

Hello readers, hope you are well today!

I suppose this post was going to be an informational article, but I found when writing I had more questions than answers.  It's strange really as I didn't know I had so many questions of my own, due to the stigma attached of calling yourself a writer.  If you label yourself a writer, I think that people then think they have the right to judge you - on technical ability, content, and even you as a person.  

When someone chooses a profession and becomes trained or qualified in that profession then they are not afraid to say what their career is for instance I work as a tutor, but I once worked as an administrator, and before that in a shop as a sales advisor.

It's ironic really, but with the writing profession a lot of people seem to ponder on whether they can actually label themselves a writer.  From a personal point of view it's something that I tend to ponder with on a daily basis.  Even though I am qualified, I have experience, and I have published work, I still struggle to say 'oh, and by the way, I'm a writer'.  

I got thinking why that is.  Most people can write but if you label yourself a writer - does this mean you're a good writer?  I must admit I don't fully support this claim because the writing business is tought business, however sometimes writing sells that proves not to be so good.  I'm sure we have all heard or read work by a writer that isn't something that we would class as great writing.  If that's true then there must be a certain amount of pressure attached to labeling yourself a writer because is being a writer down to how successful you are?  

So, what makes a writer, a writer? 
I had to really consider this question because technically if one writes something, one could in theory label themselves a writer - but is this a viable claim?  I believe that there are certain expectations attached to the term writer, and I considered a few qualities that a writer should really have in order to be taken seriously, but obviously the list is not exhaustive:
  • Well first of all they have to be able to write, and preferably well - with good spelling and grammar knowledge.  
  • They have to have something interesting to write about, because if they don't what's the point?
  • There is also a certain amount of success involved too - for instance if you had never written a blog post, but then started your own blog and wrote one post, would you label yourself a blogger?  In retrospect you are, however if you are a blogger with three months experience and several thousand page views, then people are likely to take more notice of you.  A blogger is ironically, a type of writer too!

So now it's over to you dear readers, what is it you think a person needs to be able to coin themselves a writer?  

Think about books, stories, articles, and even blog posts that you have read, think about why that writer was your most or least favourite.  What makes a writer, a writer, other than the ability to actually write?  Do you think it's about personality, technical ability, confidence, or the content of your writing?  Can you think of anything else that makes a person a writer?  Why do you think there is such pondering over this label? What does it mean?  

Come on, share your thoughts guys?  

Laters, Janet

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