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Monday, 10 August 2015

Summer Family Fun - what we've been up to so far this Summer!

Well, dear readers, today is a very light hearted post just discussing what our family have already been been up to this Summer so far, but to be honest, I am more excited about what's to come!

The children broke up on July 17th, so we are already into our fourth week of summer holidays now. During the first week we didn't do an awful lot.  We went to a Wacky Warehouse play area and there I bought a play pass, that allows them to play all summer - bargain £20 for up to four children.  We also visited a place called Funshack, as this is a larger play area, with a fantastic pirate ship that you can fire balls in the cannon, along with sheer drop slides and a long bumpy blue slide.  We also had a trip into town, and a visit to the grand parents too but other than that it was pretty quiet.  The first week is never too bad boredom wise, but the weather wasn't great.

In the second week, it was son number 1's birthday - he was 8. This week he and his sister were booked in a sports camp for a week - birthday boy did multi-sports, and my girl did cheer leading, dancing, and gymnastics.  They came home with trophy's and were thrilled!  Other than that we had visitors, and a birthday buffet style tea with cake, of course.  Me and my OH took little man again to the town, another day to the park, and another day to Wacky Warehouse with our pass.

Last week, a carnival was in town, so me and the children walked from my sister's house up to the carnival and after spending obscene amounts of money, and myself 'pooing my pants' at the rides my children wanted to ride, we came back full of sugar with candy floss and sugar dummies.  In fairness, it's the only time I allow candy floss so I can't complain too much!  The OH couldn't come to the fair as the flashing lights could set of his epilepsy so he didn't want to risk it.  Other than that my eldest two did the park for picnic and the cinema too, whilst me and my youngest made and played with home-made play doh, and then I went swimming twice during an adult swim session, and escaped for an 'afternoon tea' baby shower, which was great fun and I was so full from all the cake and coffee!  Towards the end of the week, we again did Wacky Warehouse to make full use of the pass.

This week - it's just the beginning but we do have some plans.  Today, we went to town and we also baked.  We made cupcakes - butterfly smartie cakes with butter cream, chocolate cakes with chocolate butter cream and smarties, and then I made a vanilla and chocolate cheesecake.  We have so many cakes that I might have to give some to the youth group they attend tomorrow as we are all going swimming with them!  We also made some soups - leek, bacon and potato, and broccoli and stilton.  We had some for dinner and the rest is in the fridge for tomorrow.

We are having fun but it's hard work trying to balance work, a blog, and get a head start on studies whilst entertaining three children - don't forget the daily housework too!

So it's swimming tomorrow and then my daughter is going ice skating so we might go to the park or Wacky Warehouse again with the lads.  On the night, my daughter has nominated me to braid and bead her hair too!  All in good fun!

I go on holiday to Centreparcs two weeks today, and I totally can't wait!  It's on my mind all of the time, and I have the children's cases packed because I bought them new bits and pieces which I have been putting away on a weekly basis.

What are you up to these summer holidays?  How do you entertain your children?  Is cost an issue and what do you do to try and save costs?

Next week we are planning a picnic, and I thought the day before we could have a baking day, making fresh bread, cakes, quiche, etc... I know that cakes and pastries aren't ideal and although I seem to have talked about them a lot in this blog post, we don't usually have them as much but I suppose if they are home made, they are better for you and you know what is in them.

Do you worry about your children eating the right things too?  - We have been making our own breakfast smoothies too from fruit, skimmed milk, and a little natural yoghurt.  This has encouraged the children to experiment with different fruits too and they seem to be going down a treat.  How do you encourage healthy eating?

I also worry about them not getting enough exercise, so we do walk a few places and do sporting type activities if possible.  Does this also worry you?

Let me know - sometimes I feel like I worry too much, but on the other hand they are my children and I want them to be fit, and healthy, and I do worry - it's my prerogative as a mother!

I feel like my post started fun, and then turned into a bit of a ramble at the end - but hey, what do you expect from Rambles, Rants, and Writings, huh? Lol!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

Laters, Janet

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