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Monday, 31 August 2015

The Love/Hate Challenge! - 10 Things I Love and Hate

Back in July, I was nominated by the lovely Debbie over at to complete the love/hate challenge - click here for her post.  Basically, this meant she wanted me to list 10 things I love and 10 things I hate.  I have just got round to doing mine (sorry Debbie) but better late than never, huh!  My loves and hates are below: 

10 things I love…     

#1 My Family – Of course I love my family, they are the most important!  They are top of my list always.  I love my husband, my children, my sister, my niece and nephews, and my mother.  I also love family lost. 

#2 Writing – I love to write.  I like to write what I feel or know, through articles, and I also like to write fictional pieces too.  I am not an avid poetry writer but I too, like to write the odd poem too!  Writing is my passion and my love.

#3 Studying – I love to study and better myself.  I enjoyed completing my BA (hons) in English and Creative Writing, and I also enjoy studying for my MA in English too.  I hope one day to be able to complete a PhD and become a Doctor of Philosophy. 

#4 My Blog – I am quite proud of my blog.  I have only been a blogger for a few months.  I initially started blogging in January, but the website I used wasn’t great and I only blogged twice each month.  In May, I moved to blogger and I started to blog more frequently.  I am pleased to have over two thousand views on my blog and I am very pleased with what I have learned in relation to HTML codes, and really I have amazed myself with what I can do!  I hope to grow and develop it further!

#5 Clothes – I do love clothes but I can rarely find any I like.  I like a lot of black clothes but I also like denim jeans and jackets too, although I can’t find a jacket I like currently they all seem too short.  I like to clothes shop alone, but I find that because I need to lose a bit, what I like doesn’t always suit me.  I still like looking!

#6 Home-made Curry – I love my home-made curry.  I don’t particularly have a recipe but I use Maykways curry powder. I like mushroom curry, chicken or pork curry, and I also like to use smoked sausage and sometimes I add chilli depending on how hot I want it. 

#7 Watching Films and TV – I love to watch TV and movies.  I tend to watch fantasy, sci-fi and crime programs along with some documentaries too.  We love it when Harry Potter is on TV at the weekend, and I love to watch things like Penny Dreadful, Grimm, The 100, and Game of Thrones. 

#8 Reading – I love to read.  There is nothing better than being absorbed in a book – getting sucked into the world of fiction.  I love it!  I am currently studying some gothic texts for Uni, and I have recently read Carmilla, and The King of Elfland’s Daughter which were particularly a breath of Fresh air. 

#9 Coffee – OK so I love coffee – it’s no joke, I drink it most of the day.  I drink both decaf and the ‘hard stuff’.  I don’t mind either, I just love coffee!

#10 Walking – I love to walk because it gives me peace, a break from life.  I love having quiet time to think and that’s exactly what walking does, plus it’s great exercise! I particularly enjoyed all of the walking I did on my holiday at Center Parcs (another love of mine).

10 things I hate…

#1 Spiders – I am not keen on spiders.  I don’t scream or anything but I can’t stand the way they look and the way they move. 

#2 The seat being left up in the toilet – yes boys (as I live with four boys) please put the seat down after using my toilet lol!

#3  Mess – I actually hate mess but this is quite an ironic pet-hate because my house is always messy with toys and things that the kids leave lying around. Once they go back to school tomorrow, I might regain some household order. 

#4 Damp loose hairs – this is probably my worst hate but I hate hairs lying around in the bathroom and I can’t stand them touching my skin – damp hairs are the worst.  I have long hair myself and do what I can to keep them off me.  I tie up my hair until washing, inspect the bath and sink before use and ensure my sponge is away from anyone who could infect it with hair.  I used to scream my head off if one was on my wet body getting out the bath and wouldn’t dream of getting in the bath with one floating in the water.

#5 Washing up – OK, so like I don’t like hairs, I also don’t like floaty food bits and absolutely hate washing up.  If I have to wash up I like to wear gloves, but that’s why I have a dishwasher.

#6 Coconut – I really dislike the taste of coconut.  I can’t stand the milk or the actual coconut itself.  I can tell if it’s in a curry or in a biscuit I buy because I can sniff it out anywhere. 

#7 Discrimination – I hate discrimination on any level as I don’t believe others should be disadvantaged.  I hate it when policies or even the actions of a person put others at a disadvantage.

#8 Parents of disrespectful children who don’t seem to care! – Have you ever taken your children somewhere and they are being good but another child keeps being nasty or injuring them and their parents don’t even seem bothered?  Sure, my children are far from perfect and they have hurt other children by being to energetic (not on purpose) but I always check them for this and ensure they apologise and are respectful to others.  How can anyone expect children to be respectful when their parents aren’t?

#9 Aldi decaf coffee – sorry Aldi as a coffee lover I sometimes have to endure decaf as I drink far too much.  I have tried several decafs and Aldi must be the worst ever.  I love Aldi as a shopping place and always get great bargains but I’m so sorry, as I just can’t stomach your coffee. 

#10 Bananas - I truly dispise bananas.  The smell, the skin, the taste, the way the feel in your mouth and I know if someone has left a skin in my lounge bin! 

Thanks for the nomination Debbie, and thanks for reading to you guys.  Do you have any love/hates in common with me or do you disagree with any of mine?  What do you love? What do you hate?  

Hope you enjoyed reading, laters, Janet 


  1. Thanks for accepting! Love your lists - wet hairs totally bork! :)

    1. Thanks Debbie, and thanks for the nomination! :)